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Wood Crafts Easy To Make At Home

Wood Crafts Easy To Make At Home. If you are one of those who are looking for a utility or a way to turn it into something decorative for everything that falls into your hands, then this article is for you, because you will find many crafts with wood that are very easy to do at home and that will not only beautify your home but will give a unique and personal touch to your environments. The homemade crafts may help you make some useful gifts, like a bowl to leave the keys at the entrance or simple decorative crafts.

I will not tire of repeating that wood is one of my favorite materials for its versatility, durability, and elegance. You can apply it in kitchens and furniture, but also, of course, for small objects that decorate the house. Read on and see, what cool things you can do with your own hands. It is also possible that, when you see our ideas, you may come up with some different things, even if it is not only with wood.

For this article, I focused on manual work with reclaimed, recycled, or inexpensive woods that you can get at any specialized store. Also, I looked for original ideas, but that needed a minimum of tools and basic skills.

In any case, they are ideas from which you can create more sophisticated or elaborate pieces if you have more skill, time, or instruments to make them. Let’s do it!.

Create coat racks with wood

 If you still don’t have much practice in woodworking, coat racks are a good way to get familiar. Let’s look at some examples.

With a simple rectangular piece of wood, you can make a very nice children’s coat rack. You will only have to sand the wood and paint it in the color you like the most or combine with the room.

To finish, and if you are crafty, paint the animal drawings, they are strokes and always with your back. Take the opportunity to put in the place of their beautiful tails, some hooks that you can paint in the animal’s dominant color, and that’s it.

If you don’t want to paint them, you can opt for animal stickers, there are many designs and types, but remember, they must always be on their back.

Surely when you see this coat rack, you will begin to think about how to customize it. A very, very simple coat rack that we can all make. A branch that you can get from pruning, and two ropes or ropes, depending on the weight you have to maintain.

A simple idea that you can put at the height you want since it is attached to the ceiling with rings. If you want to customize it , you can come up with a simple pulley system to raise or lower it at will.

The Pallets that are the best friends of the craft, first because we recycle and second because they give us a lot of play. In this case, to decorate with furniture with pallets, you practically do not have to do anything with the pallets, just take, order or buy a small pallet and paint each section of wood to your liking. Put some hooks at the height you want, and that’s it.

When you need a coat rack for the entrance, do not hesitate, and instead of going to buy it, create one to your liking. In this case, you only need four round wooden slats.

To make this coat rack, you can do two things, place them and drill at the junction point of all the slats, to insert a pin or, as in the image, put a wide rubber band to hold them together.

If you want to paint a certain color or give them a varnish coat, you can also do it. We like it a little more like that, natural.

Clothespins Wood Crafts Easy To Make At Home

The wood that we have more at hand, the cheapest and with which you can do much more than hang your clothes to dry. These tweezers are very practical, and with them, you can make original, fun, and useful crafts with wood.

Ice cream wood sticks

Another classic! Who didn’t make crafts with these sticks at school? The Doctor’s Popsicle Sticks and Tongue Sticks are two tools that will help you make easy wood crafts that kids will love.

And you can not only make toys with this material, with patience and resistant glue you can make from shelves to modern and beautiful lamps for your home.

More Wood Craft Toys

The toys made of wood are safe and highly resistant. Kids will love them, and they will cost you practically no penny.

Decoupage wood crafts

Decoupage wood crafts

Wood is one of the materials on which decoupage work is most beautiful. You can make endless creations, but I particularly love the little boxes to store teas, jewelry, papers, or whatever you want.

Wood craft For Christmas

Wood craft For Christmas

The most beautiful time of the year is approaching, and there are many crafts with wood that you can do to fill your house with beautiful things. From a small manger to the very Christmas tree, you can make them with your own hands, creating designs that no one else will have. Christmas Wood Crafts Easy To Make At Home.

Wooden hearts

Wooden hearts

You can buy carved wooden hearts or buy special wood for a hacksaw and cut it to your liking. The hacksaw is very easy to use, and you can make countless different crafts with it, while you can always personalize it by painting them as you like. An example is in the photo, with different colors and shades, with elegant and marked horizontal lines.

Paint wood

Paint wood

You can easily create a birdhouse yourself, with the help of your hacksaw and previously drawing on the wood to create the type of nest you have in mind. To finish decorating it, you can varnish it in a simple and colorless way, or you can paint it with the colors that you like the most, or including other materials for decoration.

Balsa wood

Balsa wood is an extremely light wood that is easy to cut and has a unique ability to adhere to glue; These qualities make it a perfect option to work on crafts.

Recycled wood

Wood, that previously had another use or other destination, has its charm. The ability to transform what once had a function into something entirely different makes the new piece even more valuable.

All this without talking about the economy, since you can do a thousand things with pieces of wood that for others is a waste.


If you don’t live near the coast, no problem! Old felled fallen tree branches are also perfect for your creations.

Practical, Easy and Utility

Very easy way Wood Crafts Easy To Make At Home. What can be better than an object easily made by our own hands? That these are also useful, that they have a purpose beyond simply decorating. That is why I show you these super simple pieces that will make life easier for you at home and decorate it for a negligible cost.

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