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10 Healthy Foods To Lose Weight

10 Healthy Foods To Lose Weight

Eat healthy foods to lose weight. If you want to know how to lose weight, it is important that you start with the basics of having as much knowledge as possible about the food itself. The foods that help you lose weight are those responsible for contributing to the improvement of intestinal transit and those that speed up metabolism or help burn calories.

This type of food is recommended to be consumed every day, always together with a balanced diet low in fat, sugars, sweets, processed foods, and fried foods. Also, if you really want to lose weight, it is essential that you carry out a regular practice of physical activity, even if it is walking several days a week for an hour.

Healthy Foods Help to lose weight

There are numerous foods that can help you lose weight with the proper amount of intake. In this article, we are going to talk about those that are better known and popular for providing greater benefits than the rest. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you decide to include them in your diet.


The first of the foods that we are going to mention is the Pear. It is a fruit rich in water that contains 71% insoluble fiber. Therefore, it contributes to achieving a greater feeling of satiety and also to improving intestinal transit.

It also has natural sugar in the fruit itself, which reduces the desire to consume sweets. This means that you can have greater control when it comes to avoiding those unwanted sweets and being harmful to any diet and health in general. To contribute to weight loss, it is recommended to eat 20 minutes before the main meals.


The Eggplant is increasingly common in diets for weight loss. It is a fruit low in calories and rich in fiber that promote the proper functioning of the intestine. It also prevents bad digestion, produces a feeling of satiety, and fights bad cholesterol.

It also helps cope with fluid retention by being rich in water, minerals, and vitamins. For your consumption, you can prepare aubergine water and drink it throughout the day, or add it to salads, juices.


The Cinnamon is an aromatic condiment that has numerous advantages facing weight loss. It is an ingredient that can act as a thermogenic in the body, contributing to the stimulation of the body fat burning process and increasing metabolism.

It also reduces blood sugar spikes, helps decrease insulin resistance, and increases insulin sensitivity. All this also has its positive repercussion when it comes to losing weight.

For consumption, cinnamon can be added to different preparations, such as cakes, cookies, juices, coffees, smoothies, etc.


The oatmeal is a staple food and slimming diets. It is rich in protein and soluble fibers. It contributes satiety and helps to improve the regulation of the intestine, to control high cholesterol, and to regulate blood glucose. Oats are one of the healthy foods to lose weight.

It is a food that can be consumed in multiple ways, and can be added to yogurts, smoothies, cakes, or cookies.

Brown rice

Brown rice is rich in fiber. This helps to generate a greater feeling of satiety, which causes less food consumption. It is also rich in zinc, selenium, and B vitamins, which favors blood circulation.

It must be consumed in a controlled way so that a detrimental effect is not achieved. The appropriate portion will depend on each person and their needs.

Wheat bran

The wheat bran is rich in fiber. It is mainly used to combat constipation, but also to increase satiety and regulate blood sugar levels.

It can be added in any preparation, helping to decrease the absorption of fat in the intestine, this being important in the face of weight loss.


The strawberry is a food that has fewer calories, but it is also rich in fiber. It helps control blood sugar levels and, like those mentioned above, increases the feeling of satiety. This is essential to reduce the calories ingested, which favors weight loss.

This fruit is also rich in folate, Vitamin C, and other compounds with inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It can be consumed both wholes and in juices, and you can prepare different preparations with it. Strawberries are one of the healthy foods to lose weight.


The flaxseed is rich in omega – 3 seed and antioxidants. It helps in controlling cholesterol and reducing inflammation in the body, helping to facilitate the weight loss process. It is also rich in fibers to improve digestion while increasing satiety.

The most advisable thing is to crush your grains and add a couple of tablespoons in juices, salads, cereals, smoothies, or yogurts. It can also be used to prepare bread, cakes, or cakes, among others.

Green Tea

The Green Tea has excellent thermogenic properties, as well as contributing to the acceleration of metabolism. This is due to caffeine, which is a natural stimulant that helps burn fat during physical exercise.

It also has powerful antioxidants. It can be consumed in the form of tea or capsules.


Last but not least, we must refer Legumes. Among them are lentils, chick peas, peas, or beans. They are characterize by being a good source of protein and fiber, which helps increase satiety and also cope with constipation.

It is advisable to consume 4 tablespoons a day. In this way, with just half a cup a day, you can enjoy all its benefits. You can consume them together with brown rice to further enhance its benefits.

Healthy Foods To Lose Weight Tips:

You don’t need lavish machines and clunky accessories to achieve your weight loss goals. To achieve weight loss, it is essential to maintain a balanced diet. You should also exercise regularly for the best results.

If you did nothing else but reduced your portions by 10%-20%, you will notice a slight difference in your weight. Still, to enhance the result, you will have to limit your portions and restrict few foods in your daily diet, and no doubt, exercise is a must while trying to lose bodyweight.

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