There are so many creative possibilities to create simple but effective nail art ideas. Here are some simple and original ideas with which to practice. Creativity, imagination, personality, and skill are elements that allow you to create nail art of all types and levels of difficulty. The choice of designs on the nails depends on several factors. In addition to personal tastes and skills with files, buffers, brushes, gels, and enamels, we must, for example, also consider the shape and length of our nails.

A larger surface will allow you to create a decoration richer in detail. However, even on the shortest nails, it is possible to create something elegant, tasty, and that does not go unnoticed.

Among the simple designs and shapes to reproduce on our nails, there are lines and polka dots. From these bases, with a little patience and experience, you can then develop other designs, including flowers and butterflies.


The first thing to consider and not to underestimate is the basics. Before starting to work, we must start with the manicure. For this purpose, there must be cotton balls, nail polish remover, fine and large-grained files, nail clippers, and cuticle oil in our nail kit.

According to their needs and pleasure, each woman will evaluate whether to do the reconstruction of the nails in gel or, if the natural length is adequate, simply the casting. Once the technical part has been completed and the pins have been given shape, drawings can be made on the nails with enamels. If desired, it is also useful to apply the nail primer.

In the nail art kit, there will be nail polishes of all kinds: from traditional to shiny, with glitter, metallic, matte, and even fluorescent effect. However, there must also be the tools to make our designs. Among these, the adhesive tape will allow us to create strips and shapes, the lunettes, to create the French manicure, the foil to mix the glazes, the brushes, the dotterel, and the sponges to obtain the gradient effect. Glitter and rhinestones, feathers, tulle, newspaper, small stickers, glue, and stencils can also be useful.


Nail art, from the simplest to the most complex, can be done on classic square nails and pointed and almond nails.

An original, trendy, and easy to implement idea is the anomalies. However, not all women appreciate it. The polka dots, lines, and geometric shapes are also very simple.


Very popular, especially in spring, are the bows, butterflies, ladybugs and flowers.

Flakes and butterflies may seem difficult but they are not. The technique to make these two drawings is the same: you will have to train with the lines. By drawing two lines that cross each other and using polka dots, stylized butterflies can be drawn. Alternatively, you can draw two small triangles in which two points touch. Then using a fine-tipped brush, you can trace the antennae.

To make ladybugs you need 3 shades of enamel: white, black and red. With the white polish, we will make the nail base; at this point, using a cotton swab or a doctor you need to make the shape. To do this, you will need to make 2 intersecting circles, the first with the red enamel and the other with the black one. With a rounded tip or a toothpick, you will then draw the antennae and the spots.

Among the simplest flowers to make are daisies. After making the color we prefer, we have to use a fine-tipped brush to make the corolla’s petals and dotterel.


Especially on special occasions, it is useful to know how to make drawings on the nails. For Christmas, nail art favors the use of red, black, and gold.

On Valentine’s Day, however, nails can be decorated with many hearts. To create hearts on the nails, the idea is to have almond-shaped or rounded nails. After creating a base, it will be enough to make two curves with the red nail polish.

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