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9 tips to avoid pests at home

9 tips to avoid pests at home

Here we describe 9 tips to avoid pests at home. People often leave food on the kitchen table or never pick up the bread crumbs that have fallen on the floor and have a colony of ants been seen appearing in line after a few hours. It is normal for this to happen, and it becomes a real nightmare for everyone. Not only ants but also other insects such as cockroaches, flies, moths, etc. appear silently in search of food

There are many varieties of pests, and getting rid of them is the most ideal, since these insects as pests are tremendously annoying, and can transmit diseases, and are unsanitary.

From the hand of professional pest control experts, this interesting article provides important tips to get rid of these annoying insects.

Adherence to domestic hygiene rules is an important tips to avoid pests

As a first tip, home hygiene is the first important aspect that must be taken into account to avoid the unpleasant surprise of at night when turning on the light to observe numerous cockroaches running along the wall, usually in the kitchen areas where they are generally grouped to search for organic remains. Ants, moths, and cockroaches love cooking for this reason.

Regular cleaning of areas where food is placed, such as shelves, cabinets, drawers, etc., guarantees a clean area of ​​food debris, so insects are not attracted.

Important To Find The Place Of Origin

The second tip is not to lower your guard and look for the area where insects enter the home. If there are ants or other types of insects, the first thing to do is investigate where they come from, follow them until you find the starting point. The den is there, and that’s where the ants or other insects are probably coming from. Once the hole is sealed, while keeping your guard down the following days, you can check that there are no more insect pests coming from that area.

Little homemade tricks

Before resorting to chemical or natural remedies against insects, small home tricks can prevent unwanted guests’ arrival. Mosquito nets on windows, for example, are the most effective and natural solution, but they also require a professional for proper installation.

Moths or butterflies love to take refuge in kitchens, to eat cereals, pasta and flour. Hermetically sealed containers are the right solution both to better preserve food and to avoid the formation of eggs.

Vinegar, baking soda, or lemon

Vinegar, baking soda, and lemon are essential among the substances that can be had in the house against insects. Vinegar is used to thoroughly clean furniture, both external and internal, and all surfaces in the house. The mild smell of vinegar helps prevent flies from entering your home.

Baking soda is great for keeping mosquitoes away. A small amount is placed in a container on the table outdoors or rubbed on the skin, and it has the same function as citronella. Spraying it on the ground will keep roaches or ants away.

Lemon juice keeps ants away, it is a powerful acid for them. All three substances, vinegar, baking soda, and lemon, when mixed together, become a natural insecticide.


Spices, in addition to being aromatic and giving ethnic flavors to dishes, are very useful to eliminate insects. Ants hate the smell of cloves, paprika, black pepper, cinnamon, etc. It should only be placed near the wall or in front of the anthill to eliminate them.

Aromatic plants

Herbs are good allies against mosquitoes and ants. You just have to place rosemary, basil, thyme, mint, and lavender seeds in the windows of the house to kill the flies.

Lavender flowers will scare away moths, flies, fleas, and mosquitoes. Laurel contains a substance called cineole, which kills insects and cockroaches.

Chemical traps and repellants

Insect traps are free of harmful substances and can be placed in various places around the house. Traps and pheromones for monitoring and mass capture of pests. The traps used to capture insects are a very valuable tool in pest control. Almost all models use attractive chemicals (pheromones).

There are several types of repellants on the market, it is advisable to read the instructions for use before using the sprays and especially to keep children and pets away, since chemicals can be very harmful.


Although bleach has a very strong smell, it is indicated to cover all the holes of the ants. Rubbing with a cloth on the wall and the floor will allow no insects to enter the house, it also keeps the house clean and disinfected.

Driving away insects with sprays

The spray helps prevent the purchase of unhealthy chemicals such as diethylene. The use of essential oils, aromatic plants, vinegar, and other natural substances substitutes the use of repellants or air fresheners.

The bugs can be killed by spraying hot water, vinegar or baking soda, a few drops of tea tree oil, sprigs of rosemary, and fresh mint around the house.

To prepare a mosquito and insect spray, you will need

  • 4 teaspoons of Neem oil, derived from pressing the seeds of an Indian plant
  • 2 teaspoons sweet almond oil
  • 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
  • 50 ml of distilled water

Procedure to make:

Mix the ingredients and pour it into a spray bottle. Shake before use and can be kept for a month after opening. It can be used several times a day and is not harmful to children or pets.

Pesticides or pest control professionals

If you have not found a solution with the home remedies mentioned above, and you have no choice but to use pesticides or contact a professional pest control service.

If you try to eliminate insects with pesticides, you should consider doing it safely, away from children and pets, covering hands and face, and you also need to ventilate the house to avoid breathing chemicals harmful to health.

Instead, if pest control professionals are hired, it will be better to follow the company’s instructions to protect the home and family. The result is assured, and the house is kept free from insects.

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